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A shooting star, magical crystals and Santa's Reindeer are woven into this delightful story
How Reindeer Fly.

Reading the story and setting out the Magical Stardust Crystals for
Santa's reindeer has become a Christmas Eve tradition for thousands of families.

Enjoy this timeless tale with your children and watch them pass it on to their own.
Enjoy this hardcover, library edition with your children or grandchildren.  Each book has an attractive full cover dust jacket and comes complete with a package of Magical Stardust Crystals that children can sprinkle outside before going to bed on Christmas Eve.
How Reindeer Fly
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In celebration of the
25th Anniversary of the publication of
"How Reindeer Fly"
we are offering $1 Freight on any
quantity  and
Books will be Signed by the
Author, T. K Smithson
Each Book Includes a Package of Magical
Stardust Crystals for the child to sprinkle outside
for Santa's Reindeer!
Reaching the Next Generation